A New Service for Professionals

BGH International has launched an additional professional service, CareerSearch.

CareerSearch is designed for professional people seeking or facing a career change challenge.

This individually tailored and structured program to practically guide, build confidence and effectively prepare executives for their next career move.

We possess over 12 years experience and a proven track record of successfully developing executive careers by advising, coaching and placing candidates to secure high level positions in Australia, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

At BGH International we understand the recruitment equation across diverse industry sectors and the job market both from the employer’s and the employee’s perspective.
We readily recognise the skills and talent sought after by employers. We know how to best prepare and differentiate the candidate to successfully impress the potential employer, secure the new job and make the right career move.

To find out more about the CareerSearch, please contact Barbara on 0409 775 001 or Bill on 0425 783 246 and visit www.bghinternational.com.au

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